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Take Back Control Today! Google AdWords to Automatically Create & Implement New Search Ads.

I have been using the new AdWords UI to get familiar with it. As with most new systems, they can be a bit frustrating at the beginning but the good news is that it does get easier and there are some new and exclusive features that are not available in the old AdWords! Check some of them out Here. In addition to those new and exclusive features Google is also introducing Ad Suggestions.

When I last met with Google, they pointed out that Ad Suggestions are imminent, its estimated that they are to be rolled out by the end of April 2018.

For those of you who require compliance approval before setting Ads Live it is essential that you read and take action below…

What are Ad Suggestions and how do they work?

How do Google Ad Suggestions Work

So for those who haven’t heard yet, Google is to provide a new feature called Ad Suggestions whereby relevant content from your account is used to create ad suggestions including your existing ads, extensions, and landing page. Google also uses additional signals such as keywords and targeting in order to optimize the ad copy.

Learn more about Ad Suggestions here;

About Ad Suggestions

In the New AdWords interface go to - All Campaigns > Settings > Account Settings > Ad Suggestions

Google AdWords Ad Suggestions Settings

You can choose to apply the Ad Suggestions (or not!), however and its worth noting that the default is - "Automatically apply ad suggestions after 14 days".

You'll be alerted each time ad suggestions are created so you can review them. These ads will be automatically applied 14 days after the notification unless you take action. You can also choose to apply or dismiss them on the Recommendations page.

Ad Suggestions - Google AdWords Interface

If you do want AdWords to suggest Ads there is a handy way to monitor this with email alerts.

How do I enable email alerts for ad suggestions?

At the account level, set your notification preferences to receive “all” or “only critical” campaign maintenance alerts. Manager accounts must select “full hierarchy” notifications to enable campaign maintenance alerts for each customer ID. Keep in mind that manager account settings will override account-level settings.

More information on managing Ad Suggestions here;

Manage ad suggestions

Ad Suggestions Summary

One of Google's main focuses is Automation, this along with trying to make Ads more relevant to what people are searching for is a positive step in my opinion. Advertisers that require compliance will have to manage this new process, however it will provide suggestions that will hopefully improve performance. As measurement is always key to success we will soon see if Google Ad Suggestions can challenge us mere mortals!

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