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Google Assistant at the Google Marketing Next 2017 - Innovations Keynote

Google Assistant


Google Assistant lives across Google Home, Android, iPhones and other surfaces.

Now this seems simple, but underneath is complex machine learning and conversational technology to help understand and talk back to people, to find the best product and action relevant to the conversation, and to put everything together in a seamless way.

So what is the Google Assistant?

The Google Assistant is a conversation with Google to help people get things done.

From news, to recipes, to my calendar that day, when my first meeting starts, what the traffic looks like, turning off the lights in my living room and everything in between - the Google Assistant is designed to be the easiest way to accomplish tasks.

So what does this mean for you, as a marketer?

The Google Assistant gives you the opportunity to talk to your customers at scale. It enables you to interact through natural language, back-and-forth communication, understanding and responding to their needs, asking questions to clarify, and re-engaging with your customers at the right moments. It makes those moments more personal by truly understanding your customers, remembering the brands they like, the products they've purchased, and their current context.

It enables you to reach the right customer at the right time.


Up until now we have always talked about queries, clicks, and conversions, Google Assistant is about moving to the next step, and understanding each of us for who we are, what we want, what we like, our history, our context and putting all of that together to make magical moments, connecting users with brands.

To learn how to integrate with Google Assistant visit the Actions on Google website here.

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