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Tools to make you Work Smarter at the Google Marketing Next 2017 - Innovations Keynote

Google Optimize

IMAGE SOURCE: Google Optimize

AdWords will soon be integrating with Google Optimize, Googles website testing and personalisation tool. With Google Optimize, you will be able to easily design new versions of landing pages in minutes. The best part of this is, you can do this all by yourself. You don't have to hassle your webmaster. You can use Google Optimize to tailor different versions for specific campaigns, ad groups, and keywords.

In Google Optimize you can then connect your new landing page to a keyword,

meaning that only people who search for a specific pre specified keyword, and click on your ad, will be part of your landing page test.

According to Google this integration will be available to all Google Optimize users in the coming months.

Landing Page Report

Last year US retailers saw a 40% higher bounce rate for mobile ad landing pages, compared to desktop. That means that users are 40% more likely to immediately leave your mobile website, after clicking your ad. That's a lot of wasted clicks :(

IMAGE SOURCE: Google Marketing Next 2017

Google introduced a Landing Page Report in the new AdWords experience.

It will tell you how your landing pages are doing:

  • Are they mobile friendly?

  • What's the bounce rate?

  • Are they converting your visitors into customers?

With this new report, you can focus on the pages that need your attention.

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