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Audience at the Google Marketing Next 2017 - Innovations Keynote

What does Audience mean for Google and for businesses?

Audience allows you to understand your customers, their interests and the activities.

Google is bringing together their strengths in machine learning and their understanding of people's intent to deliver;

  1. Better audiences

  2. Brand new audience segments

  3. Broader reach with audiences across channels and devices

Google Marketing Next 2017 Audience

SOURCE: Google Marketing Next Keynote

Better Audiences

Google are improving the quality of their audience segments by connecting data across Google, across devices and in real time. So if you are trying to reach users who are trying to buy your products, you can reach the right people and tell a single seamless story across all of the properties that they use.

SOURCE: Google Marketing Next Keynote

Connecting data across Google also creates powerful new ways for you to reach customers who already have an interest in your brand. For example if potential customers watch your YouTube videos and interact with your channel you can now reach these same users on search.

Brand-New Audience Segments

Google recently introduced Consumer Patterns and Life Events on YouTube

they help you understand where people shop and when life's biggest milestones like graduating college, moving and getting married are happening. These new audience segments are based on intent rich signals which include searches and video watches and they are more useful than ever. In the past two years mobile searches related to buying a home have doubled and those related to weddings have tripled!

Later this year, Google will be brining Consumer Patterns and Life Events to Gmail ads.

Broader Reach with Audiences across channels and devices

In addition to better and brand-new audiences, it's also important to reach people wherever they are. That's why Google are expanding their audience solutions across their largest networks to get you the broadest reach possible.

They're introducing in-market audiences to search ads so that you can reach more users who are likely to purchase.

Advertisers across many industries have successfully

begun using in-market audiences for search and are seeing, on average, a


increase in conversion rates according to Google.


Google Audience allows brands to have many more ways to reach and assist new customers, or engage with existing ones, than ever before. With these new products and a lot more to come I look forward to helping businesses connect and engage with more of their customers.

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